American Pioneers

Preserving the American Spirit is essential to the preserving our freedom, our beliefs, our morality and our general welfare.

American Pioneers is a private social networking website where organizations from manufacturing, the sciences, technology, church groups, military and veteran's groups, genealogists, individual researchers, state, county and city historical and heritage societies along with other common interest groups provide each other with assistance through social communication. This makes it possible to discuss and share materials and information about common histories. Finding others who share interests in the same fields of endeavor, often results in finding old friends and new associates. Locating lost comrades, often, is the start of great lifelong relationships.


Join American Pioneers, enjoy the benefits of your own website, social network with friends and relatives, working together, sharing information and managing activities.  Any group or organization that has a membership of its own,  a genealogical/historical society/association, church, veteran's group, community organization, non-profit, museum, sports association or an individual, American Pioneers brings together the association and activity management of those with mutual interests.


Religious Institutions


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JOIN TODAY. Free as a STANDARD MEMBER, or as a full INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP, or an ORGANIZATION. There is a new adventure for you and your group. The list of features you see here are just the beginning. COME AND JOIN THE FUN.

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