American Pioneers Genealogical and Historical Website

American Pioneers Website is dedicated to the study of American family origins, lineage and history. The endeavor of tracing family lineage is found in most parts of the world and is international in scope. Originally concerned with tracing royal, aristocratic, or clerical lines, genealogy has broadened its scope over the centuries, and many ordinary people now pursue it as a hobby. In preliterate cultures genealogical information was transmitted orally, usually as a list of names; later generations recorded this information. Divine origins were often ascribed to kings and heroes. Today’s genealogists, family researchers use artifacts, including ancient records, coins, deeds, tapestries, paintings, monuments, census records, marriage records, family Bibles, obituaries, government records of many types and now, the Internet to help them in their work.

American Pioneers is a social networking website where genealogists, individual researchers, state, county and city historical and heritage societies along with other common interest groups provide each other with assistance through social communication. This makes it possible to discuss and share materials and information about common family histories. Finding others who are working in the same genealogical lines, often results in breakthrough in a dead end.  Locating lost relatives, often, is the start of great lifelong relationships.

Join American Pioneers and enjoy the benefits of your own website and social network of fellow researchers, friends and relatives working together to common ends. Whether your are a genealogical/historical society/association or an individual searching for historical family origins, American Pioneers brings to your effort the association of those with mutual interests.

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